Spatez Technology Internship Program 2019

Spatez Technology offers Summer internships, Winter internships, Full-semester internships and Anytime virtual internships to Students of All branches of Engineering (BE / B.Tech), IT and Science students. Interns work here for their summer, winter, full semester or any-month-of-the year internship programs and contribute a significant piece of work which adds a lot of value to their profiles as well as to our Global learning project. We are not biased towards college, branch, year or student’s qualification for our internships. So, intern can be in their 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/5th Year of bachelor’s program or masters’s program.

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(Interested students or freshers may apply for internship by clicking the join button below. All applications will be examined by the HR team before approval.)

There are thousands of colleges in India offering Bachelor’s (B.E, B.Tech, B.Sc.) and Masters (M.Tech, M.E., MCA, M.Sc.) program and not many students and graduates get an opportunity to work on Industry grade projects in their internships. Even if some of the students are lucky enough to get internship in some companies they are not given challenging projects. Lot of these internship projects are mundane jobs with few exceptions.

Spatez Technology has created Keralas’s largest initiative named “Spatez’s Global Learning Project” and shortlisted interns contribute to that project. Spatez’s Global Learning Project mission is to identify bright, serious and dedicated students/interns from a college and give them extraordinarily tough challenging projects that will significantly elevate their learning to newer levels. We are also not biased towards any college. So interns can come from IIT / NIT / REC / Top Private College or an obscure Engineering college and Spatez will evaluate their suitability and potential to perform. There are certain qualities that we look for in the interns. Here are some of them:

Good technical knowledge in the chosen Topic. We really want an intern to be knowledgeable in selected topic so that our challenging project in that topic will make the intern a Master of that Subject.

Ability to work independently for extended hours. Extremely good written communication skills – Intern contribution are directly put in Spatez’s website which is visible to the world and hence there is no scope for any grammatical error. As part of selection process, we give extra weight-age to anyone who has written a good Whitepaper / Research Paper / Technical Document / Ranking.

Work from home/Campus – In this world, a good internet connection and a Laptop is a necessity. If you don’t have it, then you are not in.

An ideal candidate for our internship program should be able to spend 20 hours per week for 2 months. Alternatively, the intern can spend 40 hours per week for 1 month as full time intern. Intern would be working from home/campus only as a part-time/full-time contributor.


Spatez internship programs are great learning opportunities. Students with proven credentials only are enrolled for this program. Student must be passionate about Engineering,Technology and/or Research areas. As part of Spatez Technology’s biggest global learning initiative, we are looking for interns in all disciplines of Engineering and shortlisted interns contribute towards that effort.

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(Interested students / staffs may apply online for Employee ID through our online portal. However you are supposed to submit a copy of your govt. authorized ID Card and two passport sized photos for approval of EMPID at any of our office across India)